Common sense was something that existed when I grew up. You knew not to be disrespectful to authority figures, your parents, your elders, or even just strangers. You knew when you did something wrong, that there were going to be consequences. You knew the difference between right and wrong. You knew you were loved. You knew… a lot of things.

Common sense is uncommon today. That’s why I titled this blog Uncommon Sense. Some things have been lost in our society, and this is my attempt to put them back into play. I am not out to change the world, I can’t. I am under no delusion that I have that kind of power. What I can do, is at least affect my little corner of the world. If a monk high up in a mountain monastery who rarely interacts with anyone outside those walls can make an impact on 10,000 people in his lifetime, how many can I impact?

Some of the things that will be in this blog, I guess I take for granted. I think to myself that everyone already knows it so why say it or talk about it. But once I do say it, its like the newest most novel idea that person has ever heard. Teenagers have said to me, “Why hasn’t anyone ever told us this before? That makes so much sense.” Really? Ok, well I guess they didn’t know.

Common sense used to be practiced by most, if not all, of the people around a growing child. In this way, the child grew up in an environment of common sense and therefore believes it to be the norm. If a child grows up without it around them, the chances greatly decrease for common sense being natural to that child.

It is my hope that common sense returns to our society. I fear though that it will be only portions of our society that embrace and maintain it. I pray my fears are unfounded.


I have been a therapist for 15 years in a variety of settings. I'm not your typical therapist. I prefer instead to tell my clients the truth and help them see things in ways they never have before. Why a 2x4? Because sometimes people just need a good THWACK upside the head!

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