I have been reminded lately how busy life can get. This summer, our house has been filled with guests, a bathroom renovation, breeding puppies (Golden Retriever) and this week the county fair. It has been easy to get lost in the rush of every day, in addition to working.


I have not spent enough time with my kids. What is important to me is not what is important to them. So when I work through my list of things to do in an average day, then get exhausted, and forget or don’t have the energy to do something with them, they lose. Are the things on my list more important than them?


The short answer is no. Are my things important, yes. However, my kids are just as important, if not more important. So taking 15 minutes to wrestle with 3 of my kids (#4, #5 and #6) made their day and allowed me to still get things done. Spending 30 minutes to help my daughter (#2) get her poster ready for the fair was all she wanted. Taking my oldest with me to run some errands and out to lunch was something she has wanted for a long time.


My wife and kids have been busy gardening this summer, both flower and vegetable. The pictures in this post demonstrate their efforts. When I stopped to take a look, they are amazing! Racing through the day, through life, robs me of the simple joys of having kids. My ids accomplish a lot, I am just not here to witness all of it. #7 is walking. I love it when they start walking. It’s like watching pure joy travel around the room.

giant sunflowers

By the way, I know sunflowers aren’t fragrant. But they’re pretty awesome to look at, especially when they get taller than me. So stop and smell the… well, whatever is growing in your neck of the woods.


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