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Top 5 Coping Skills

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Had a hard day? Bad news? Frustrated or anxious? These are the easiest coping skills to use, the ones people use the most, and the most often suggested by counselors and therapists.

When we don’t want to talk is probably when we need to the most. Talking with someone who is trusted allows the brain to keep it churning it over, to keep working it out. The simple act of saying something out loud can also help to decrease the intensity of it on the inside. Talking it out sometimes helps a person hear their own thoughts, as if it makes them real. A listening ear also provides a check, someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off of as well as interpretations.

Whether it is through journaling, free writing or letters, writing gives the brain another way to process information and think things through. For some, writing is more precise. It usually takes longer to put something down in writing Read More