7 Reasons to see a Counselor or Therapist
7 years ago

7 Reasons to see a Counselor or Therapist

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Why do people go to therapy or counseling? The reasons people seek out counseling or therapy are many but it usually comes down to getting help in solving a problem they have not been able to themselves. Once they have reason to get help how do they find someone who can work with their problem? They might ask friends or people they trust, but ultimately most people are going to look on the internet at the websites of various providers whether suggested by friends or not.

As I look around at the websites of professionals, many of them will list their areas of specialty, or focus, or experience with clients. Sometimes its a short list, and sometimes it can be rather long. I recently viewed just ten websites of therapists and counselors to see what some of them were saying. Here is the combined list of everything they listed:

Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Communication Read More